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Welcome to The New Zealand Association for the Teaching of English.

Visual Resource & Online Platform

At the most recent conference, NZATE previewed its new Visual Text resource. This resource will be provided free of charge to all NZATE members and will be our first fully digital resource exemplifying the Visual Presentation Standard at Levels 1, 2 and 3 of NCEA.
As with all our exemplar resources, our aim is to help teachers as they work to improve both their own practice and the achievement of students.
As an organisation, NZATE is in the process of updating our digital platform to allow each of our members to access a ‘Members Only’ section where resources will be available.
This is an exciting time for us and an important step in our ability to provide our members with a service that reflects the changing needs of students, teachers and schools.
In order to allow for a smooth transition to our new services, we have delayed the availability of the Visual Resource so that it will coincide with the launch of our new digital platform. Our new platform will be live in time for the start of the 2018 school year.
Keep an eye out for some exciting new resources, features AND our new digital version of English in Aotearoa!



Recently CETA ran the Peter Smart Writing Competition. We would like to congratulate all of the participants and, in particular, the placegetters. The quality of the work was outstanding.



1st:  The Bicycle Man – George Gearry, Yr 9, Christ’s College
2nd:  A GYMNAST’S EXPERIENCE – Marlese Schoonderbeek,  Yr 9, Ashburton College
3rd:  A recipe for the perfect holidaySimone Blakie, Yr 9, Burnside High School
Highly Commended: Missing Pieces – E Won Wen, Yr 10, Burnside High School


1st:  The Alien and the Heart – Holly Whittaker, Yr 11, Rangiora High School
2nd: ‘Where it Was Warmer’ – Logan McAllister,  Yr 13,  St. Andrew’s College
3rd:  lemurs vs the timber mafia – Anna Doak, Yr 12, St Margaret’s
Highly Commended:  Clarification – Samantha Jory-Smart, Yr 12, Burnside High School
Highly Commended: Lamenting the kauri – Amy Wells, Yr 12, St Andrews College



1st: Girl at the Philosophy ClubKeira Fitzgerald, Yr 10, Papanui High School
2nd: Sweat and BloodDavid Li, Yr 9, Burnside High School
3rd: A thousand Pieces of Bread – Charlotte Egglestone, Yr 9, Rangiora New Life School


1st: The badge of all our Tribe – Tigerlily Perry, Yr 12, St Margaret’s
2nd: An Accidental Affinity – Sophie Williams, Yr 13, Burnside High School
3rd: Untitled – Ruby Anderson, Yr 12, St Margaret’s


Please click on the following link to read important information about the upcoming AGM, hosted at the :re:generation Conference 2016: Info Re NZATE AGM ’16.


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