English in Aotearoa #101


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It’s a year of all the things. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and yet as someone who has recently spent a weekend with days full of the NZATE council, and nights full of the Christchurch WORD festival, I can tell you there is a lot still to be grateful for, especially in our corner of the world.

Your NZATE team is hard at work, and local literature is stronger than ever. While there is change coming for English teachers, this is also a time for reflection and renewal.

I’m proud to present Issue 101 of English in Aotearoa, where we consider some of these things. As always, it’s available online, or as a physical copy in the department office.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections, and we truly encourage you to see this magazine as belonging to the community. If there’s a voice missing, we’d love you to add yours. If there’s a resource needed, work with us to create it. If there are things to celebrate, commiserate, or tolerate, let us know so we can support you.