Choices and Challenges


Resource Pack for: Short text unit based on the theme of ‘choices and challenges’

Created by Lauren Evans.


This resource is intended to be a ten-week unit in which students engage with a range of short texts based on the broad theme of choices and challenges and can be adapted to suit either Year 9 or Year 10. This unit asks students to consider the choices that humans make by exploring characters, themes, the text creators and ultimately, themselves. Students will explore a range of short texts: prose, poetry, song, speech and learn about the conventions of these different text types while focusing on a range of skills such as reading, language features, paragraph structure, connotations, annotating, critical thinking, characterisation, symbolism, writing and editing. This unit culminates in a two to three-week creative writing assignment centred around the overall theme. Teachers can either follow this unit from beginning to end or pick and choose activities that appeal to them. All resources are linked in and are set to view only so you will need to make a copy to be able to adapt and use them.