ITFC011 Khadro Mohamed

Khadro Mohamed speaks to us about losing, and then regaining, her Somali language and how her culture and language influence her poetry. She shares her experiences growing up in a New Zealand where she was frequently complimented on her Kiwi accent and we examine what to do when someone doesn’t “understand” a poem.

ITFC010 Glenn Colquhoun

As a salve to the challenges of starting a new term Dr Glenn Colquhoun talks to us about his GP practice where he specialises in work with rangitahi. He reads his poem “One That Got Away – for Jack” and he talks about the role of the teacher in schools with reverence and respect. Listen to this, teachers, and be reminded of the good you do.

ITFC009 Airana Ngarewa

Airana Ngarewa epitomises the best New Zealand has to offer to education and writing. Philly first met him while he was completing his Masters in Educational Leadership via Ako Mātātupu, and then over recent months his writing has started showing up in some high-profile places. This interview was a great pleasure for us both – It’s great to be in conversation with a young person who is so obviously going places.

ITFC008 Jack Remiel Cottrell - Flash Fiction

Jack reads some of his flash fiction and talks with candour and depth about his time at school with undiagnosed ADHD, his fan fiction, making Sherlock more gay, his writing processes – not to mention his work as a rugby referee.

ITFC007 Chris and Philly Discuss HOD Life

Both having recently taken over the position of Head of Department in new schools, Chris and Philly discuss their experiences. This is a chance to look ‘under the lid’ of two very different departments of English. The highs and lows will resonate with anyone working in English teaching in Aotearoa, but Philly and Chris also relay the extent to which the journey is also one of personal growth.

ITFC006 Hera Lindsay Bird

Hera Lindsay Bird joins Philly at her place for a drink and we thought – “Let’s record a podcast!”. In spite of her modesty, we gained a great insight into what drives Hera and her poetry.

ITFC005 Louise Wallace and Starling Mag

Starling Magazine has just published it’s 13th edition and it is going from strength to strength. We talk with co-editor Louise Wallace about the magazine’s inception, evolution, and its editorial process. Then Louise shares some of her own poems for our scrutiny and great pleasure.

ITFC004 Robust Conversations with Welby Ings

This week’s episode is an investigation into some of the long-established conventions of Secondary English. Dr Welby Ings joins us and challenges some of our presumptions about how knowing and learning actually works. Philly talks to a student, Charlie, about what English is to them.

ITFC003 Owen Marshall and how to study a text

Philly approaches her text studies theme first; engaging her students with the big ideas and emotions evoked, whereas Chris has a penchant for starting with a detailed exploration of style, form or genre and seeing what ideas emerge from there. Caitlin tells us all what NZATE is currently up to and outlines a range of professional development opportunities coming your way. Owen Marshall is our guest creator; Pip explores his authorial process and it’s fair to say we were all thoroughly charmed by the humility and grace of this literary great.