PLD Committee


Firstly, I’m very pleased to welcome three additional members to the PLD Committee – Jane Dewar, Chris Rayward and JoAnn Wordsworth. We’re delighted to be able to welcome three such fine practitioners and look forward to their contributions.

The main focus of the PLD sub-committee so far in 2021 has been developing a workshop to roll out later this term – or early in term two, which focuses on effective programme design. We will be exploring the principles and priorities that sit behind effective programmes, listening to a range of experiences from practitioners around the country and, importantly, taking some time to do some mahi – to design or refine a product that will help move departments from where they are now to where they wish to be.  An element of this will also nod towards the changes in NCEA that are on the horizon – challenging us to respond to these without having assessment as the only driver behind our programme design.

Later this year, this session will be complemented by a second round of workshops – this time focussing on learning and assessment task design. Again, we will nod towards the new standards and the skills that may need to filter down into the junior school as a consequence of these. The development of this workshop will be a key priority for us in the second half of the year.

In addition to the PLD, there are a number of resources that are under-development. Once again, we’ll be offering NCEA style practice examinations to the community. We’re broadening this too, to include a suite of assessments suitable for the junior school – some in line with the sorts of assessments they might expect at the senior school, others more creative and varied.

Also, bubbling away in the background, we’re working at developing an anthology of Maori literature that we hope will bring a wider range of contemporary Maori voices into our classrooms. 

So it’s all go. And we hope to see you soon at the first of our workshops – keep your eye out for adverts appearing through the usual channels soon.

David Schaumann