March 2016

Tai Tokerau

Our main focus of 2016 will be organising the 2017 conference Weaving Words,which will be in Waitangi from the 12-14 th July. Things are progressing well with plans in place for the venue and keynote speakers. However, would love some more people to join the conference committee. Please contact Monique Vanstokkum if you are interested (


The annual Big Day Out on the 11 th November was extremely well attended and was incredibly successful.

Ivan is currrently a bit of a one-man band trying to organise workshops throughout the year and then the term 4 Big Day Out. Events are very well attended, which showsteachers in South Auckland really value what is offered but in order to keep the association alive we are still desperately looking for a small group of people tojoin the committee. Please contact Ivan Peter if you can help.


The main aim for this year is to once again attempt to connect the English teachers of theSouth Waikato, Piako-Matamata and Plateau zones, in the hopes of establishing acollaborative community. Unfortunately the meet and greet was a bust in November,therefore a newsletter was sent out to all schools with information about their representative, what NZATE and CREATE could offer and this years conference in Christchurch. Looking forward to any responses this generates.

Things on the horizon include a big day out at some stage for school’s in the wider area.

Canterbury / Upper South

It’s full on for conference 2016 – keynotes booked; dinner almost sorted; venue sorted ….In fact it’s been a remarkably smooth journey so far – mainly due to the organisational skills of our convenor, Helaina.

The conference team of: Helaina, Alison, Julie, Steve, John, Anita, Megan, Mel and Marie are meeting fortnightly to work through the fairly comprehensive and detailed job list.

See you all in July!


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